Forest, or Bolas?


One player secretly chooses a magic card. They immediately state whether it is more like the card Forest, or more like a Nicol Bolas card.


Everyone else asks questions, one at a time. Each question names two magic cards. For instance, a player may ask: “Colossal Dreadmaw or Shock?”

The card chooser picks one of the two cards: Which of the two cards is the secret card more like? This may require a lot of interpretation.

Continue asking 2-card questions! If anyone asks about the secret card chosen at the start, the card has been found and everyone wins!

It is up to the questioned player whether or not they give any other hints. When guessers are doing poorly, clues like: “Hot”, “Cold”, “Close, rej, close.”, or “Wow, that guess is awful, dokomoy” can be extremely reasonable.

For any additional rules, make them up or consult ancient Sumerian kings.